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Target version -  The name of the version a work package is assigned to.
Themes -  A plugin which allows to customize the look of an OpenProject instance. In order to use a theme, the plugin has to be installed.
Time tracking -  Module which allows users to log time on work packages. Once the time tracking module is activated, time can be logged via the action menu of a work package.
Timeline -  Graphical representation of work package duration (period between start and end date)over a selected period of time (by project).
Timeline configuration -  Configuration menu of a timeline. The menu is displayed when creating a new timeline report or editing an existing one.
Timeline report -  Specific incarnation of a timeline.
Top navigation -  Navigation bar in the top of the application (containing entries such as "My page", "Projects" and "Modules"). The top navigation is just above the breadcrumb.
Type -  Category of work packages. Types can be created, edited and deleted in the admin settings. Examples for types are "Tasks", "User Stories" or "Questions".