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Glossary A to Z

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Settings page -  Entry in the admin navigation (in admin settings) for changing instance-wide configurations.
Side navigation -  Navigation on the left side of the application. The side navigation can be separated in the project navigation (in the user area) and the admin navigation (in the admin settings).
Sprint -  See sprint backlog.
Sprint backlog -  Version displayed in left column of backlogs page. There are more selection options available for the sprint backlog compared to the product backlog (e.g. task board or sprint wiki).
Sprint wiki -  Wiki page associated with a sprint backlog.
Start date -  The beginning date of a work package.
Status -  See work package status.
Status reporting -  Reporting relationship between different project. Reporting relationships can be assigned a project status. Status reportings can be used to display multiple projects (and the associated work packages) in a single timeline: The reporting project and its work packages are displayed in the timeline of the project that is reported to.
Story points -  Numbers assigned to a work package used to estimate (relatively) the size of the work.
Subject -  The title of a work package.
Subproject -  Child project of another project. Subprojects can be used to display a hierarchy of projects. Several filter options (e.g. in work package list and timeline) can be applied only to the current project and its subprojects.
System admin -  User with right to access and make changes to the admin settings of an OpenProject instance. A user can be made a system admin in the "User" entry in the admin navigation.