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Glossary A to Z

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Meetings -  Module that allows the organization of meetings. The module has to be activated in the project settings in order to be displayed in the side navigation.
Member -  Project member in a project. Project members are added in the members tab in the project settings.
Milestone -  Work package with the same start and end date. Types can be defined as milestones in the admin settings.
Modal view -  Work package form that is opened in an overlay window instead of a separate page.
Module -  Independent unit of functionality that can be used to extend and improve the existing core functions. Modules can be activated and deactivated in the project settings (information tab).
My account -  User-specific menu which allows the configuration of settings which only apply to the current user (e.g. Password changes, (de-)activation of accessibility mode, email notifications, etc.). Access My account by clicking on your username in the upper right corner and selecting "My account".
My page -  Personalizable user-specific page which functions as a dashboard for a user. Different page blocks can be added to the my page which can be positioned on the my page. The My Page of a user can only be viewed by the user himself.