OpenProject Forum

When dealing with complex projects and geographically scattered teams, project communication can become confusing. In this case the OpenProject forum provides a space for exchange among project members. In order to use the feature it must first be created by a project administrator or a role with respective permissions.

Forum boards

A board is a sub-forum of an overarching topic, each one bundling more specific discussions (threads). Only project administrators can create new boards. To do so, the module must be activated. Project users can then create new discussions within the existing boards.

You can see all existing boards from the forum overview page. The first column displays the name and a short description of the board. The table also displays the number of topics (threads) and messages in each board. The last column shows the latest activities. To access a discussion board, click on the respective title in the first column.

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Forum video tutorial

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the forum not shown in the project menu after activating the module in the project settings?

In order to display the forum in the side menu, you need to first activate the module in the project settings. This will display an additional tab in the project settings. Next, you need to create at least one forum board in the project settings in order for the forum to be shown in the side menu.

Is there a way to see how many times a forum topic has been viewed?

Currently there is no such option in OpenProject. Note: If you are missing a feature, you can create a feature request.