Timelines Questions

Frequently asked timelines questions.

Can I export a timeline as a PDF?

No, this is currently not possible.Note: if you are missing a feature, please create a request in Wish List (set target version to “Wish List”).

Can I create a timeline report that includes several projects?

Yes, you can. See here  how to do that.

Can I get a work package to be displayed vertically?

Work packages can be displayed vertically in a timeline report. See here how to do this.

Can I display work package dependencies in a timeline?

You can create an association between different work packages in the timeline by using a “proceeds” or “follows” relationship. Updating the start / due date of the proceeding work package then impacts the following work packages.However, there is currently no possibility to visually display dependencies directly in the timeline (e.g. by displaying arrows between work packages in the timeline). This feature will be implemented at a later point. You can have a look at the project timeline  to see the current state of planning.