Manual Installation Questions

Frequently asked manual installation questions. Learn more about the manual OpenProject installation. We generally recommend the packaged community edition or the enterprise edition.

How can I install OpenProject manually?

Find the guidelines for the manual installation here.

I followed the installation guide faithfully and OpenProject is running. Now, how do I log in?

The db:seed command listed above creates a default admin-user. The username is admin and the default password is admin. You are forced to change the admin password on the first login. If you cannot login as the admin user, make sure that you have executed the db:seed command.
[openproject@all] RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec rake db:seed

When accessing OpenProject, I get an error page. How do I find out what went wrong?

Things can go wrong on different levels. You can find the apache error logs here:
The OpenProject log can be found here:

I cannot solve an error, not even with the log files. How do I get help?

You can find help in the OpenProject forums. Please tell us, if possible, what you have done (e.g. which guide you have used to install OpenProject), how to reproduce the error, and provide the appropriate error logs. It often helps to have a look at the already answered questions, or to search the Internet for the error. Most likely someone else has already solved the same problem.

I get errors, since I have installed an OpenProject plug-in.

With each new OpenProject core version, the plug-ins might need to be updated. Please make sure that the plug-in versions of all you plug-ins works with the OpenProject version you use. Many plug-ins follow the OpenProject version with their version number (So, if you have installed OpenProject version 4.0.0, the plug-in should also have the version 4.0.0). Also, most plug-ins provide a stable branch containing the last stable version (just like we do for the OpenProject core). When you’re in doubt, please contact the plug-in maintainer.

I get an error during @bower install@. What can I do?

We heard that bower install can fail, if your server is behind a firewall which does not allow git:// URLs. The error looks like this:
bower openproject-ui_components#with-bower ECMDERR Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads git://", exit code of #128

Additional error details:
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection refused

npm ERR! OpenProject@0.1.0 postinstall: `./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install`
The solution is to configure git to use https:// URLs instead of git:// URLs lke this:
git config --global url."https://".insteadOf git://

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