Community Questions

What does Open Project Community stand for?

The OpenProject community is an open-minded global group of software engineers, project managers, consultants, creative and open source enthusiasts. Companies’ representatives as well as individuals participate.

How can I become a member of the community?

Start collaborating on, bring in your contributions and ideas to improve the software and the community. Share your experiences with OpenProject. We are looking forward to your participation.

What is the decision making process within the community?

We aim to take decisions in a transparent and collaborative approach. We agree together on future developments and the overall thrust of the project.The OpenProject Foundation governs the general decisions.

Where can I get an overview of planned new features?

Please take a look at the Project timeline for newly planned features. To get a more detailed overview of the features (and bug fixes) scheduled for the next release of OpenProject have a look at the new version in the Roadmap.

How can I suggest a new feature?

First of all, please check if the feature you want to suggest, has already been suggested and already exists in the Wish List. If it does, feel free to comment on the existing work package to express your interest or to extend the request.Once you made sure that the feature has not been request yet,  you can create a new work package in the OpenProject project in OpenProject community and select Wish List under Version.Note: you have to  have an account and be logged in to be able to create a new work package.< Back to FAQs