Agile and Scrum Questions

Frequently asked agile and scrum questions. Please also have a look at these pages for an agile and scrum functionality overview as well as the agile plugin.

Why is my backlog log empty?

In order to view the backlogs, you need to create at least one backlog version and set the versions either to left or right column.

Can I share a backlog version among several projects?

Yes, a backlog version can be shared among several projects. Adapt the sharing settings under project settings -> Versions -> respective project version.

Can I print the story cards?

You can export the story cards in PDF format. You have a choice of how many story cards you want to be displayed per page.

Is a sprint displayed in a timeline?

As sprint is essentially  a backlog version. It will be shown under Roadmap, but not in a Timeline. If you want to display a sprint in a timeline, you can create a new work package, select a phase as a work package type, give it the same name as to a specific version (for example Sprint 1) and assign the same start and end date.< Back to FAQs