Display custom fields in the project list

As a user of the OpenProject Enterprise Edition you can customize the work package list and show additional project information by adding custom fields to the project list.
With this option you can for example display a project’s status, responsible or progress.

In order to display custom fields in the project list, first make sure that you have an activated Enterprise Edition or use the Cloud Edition.

Creating a project custom field

Next, as an OpenProject admin navigate to the administration to create a new custom field. To do this, click on your user name in the upper right corner (1), select Administration from the dropdown menu (2) and select Custom fields from the side menu (3).
Select the tab Projects (4) and click on the link Create a new custom field (5) to create a project custom field.

Create project custom fields

In the newly opened create form provide a name to display in the project list (e.g. Project status) (6), a format (e.g. List) (7) and enter the values which can be selected (8).
Optionally, define if the custom field should be required and searchable (9).
Click Save to create the custom field.

Custom fields create form

Setting and displaying a project custom field

Once you created the custom field you can set it in a project’s settings.
To do this navigate to a project and select Project settings from the side menu (1). The project custom field is visible in the pre-selected Information tab. As a project manager you can set the project custom field to communicate the status (2).

Set project custom field

Next, navigate to the project list by selecting View all projects from the project selection menu in the top left side.

You will see the project custom field displayed as a column in the project list. Therefore, you can easily communicate project information across multiple projects.

View all projects with custom field