Manage subscription


    This User Guide is only relevant for the OpenProject Cloud Edition.

The first 14 days of using OpenProject are free. You can see the countdown below the project menu and in the header, which indicates how long the trial will still be available.

After or during the trial period, you can book a plan matching your desired number of users . You can find the available subscription options, as well as your current plan in Administration –> Billing.
Click on the dropdown menu to select a plan from the list (1), and select the number of members you would like to book (2). If you don’t select a subscription plan, your trial environment will expire and you will be unable to access it.

Billing Cloud Edition

VAT may apply and may vary according to the country of residence.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan any time by selecting a different plan.

Please note: When you select a plan before the trial period has ended we will add the remaining trial days to your subscription period. Therefore, you have no disadvantage by signing up early.