The calendar shows all of the project’s work packages in calendar form. The current month is automatically selected. You can change the date by selecting the desired month and year and clicking Apply.

Moving the mouse over a specific work package displays the detailed work package information.


Filters in calendar

You can filter the work packages in the calendar view by adding any number of filters, e.g. Author, Due Date, Priority, etc. To do that select a filter in the dropdown menu Add Filter and click Apply.


You can also link the calendar to the overview page. See here how to do this.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What information can be displayed in the calendar?

The calendar automatically displays the start and end dates of work packages in the current project. Additionally, the start and end dates of versions are shown in the calendar.

Where can I embed / activate the calendar?

To use the calendar in a project, you need to activate the “Calendar” module in the project settings. Afterwards you can access the calendar in the project menu, as well as add it in the project overview. You can also enable the calendar in your “My page” view.

Is there an option to export the calendar?

It is currently not possible to export the calendar. You can however export meetings as iCalendar file and import them to your external calendar.