Create a new sprint

Since sprints are one type of version, creating a sprint is done following the same procedure as for creating a new version. It is advisable to number your sprints chronologically for a better overview. Sprints usually run for a fixed period of approx. two to three weeks. In order to configure these settings, click on the Sprint title in the backlogs view. For some settings, such as start and end date, you can also use in-line editing.

Open sprint settings

On the new page, you can specify details of the version such as description, status, (sprint) wiki page, start and end date, as well as sharing options across projects. Moreover, you can create a custom field and decide where the version is to be displayed in the backlog. The latter option is important to define a version as a sprint, which are displayed on the left side of the backlog.

Note that sprints (backlogs displayed on the left side of the backlogs page) offer more options – such as opening the task board and displaying the burndown chart – compared to the Product Backlogs (which are displayed on the right side of the backlogs page).

Sprint properties view