Manage project types

Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage project types you need to be a system admin.

In OpenProject you can different project types. Project type allow the categorization of projects and are shown in the project settings. They are also used in timelines for the second grouping criterion.

The project types can be managed through the administration panel. To do that, navigate to Administration and select Project types from the menu on the left side. You will see the list of all already defined project types. If no project type has been created yet, the list will be empty.

Add a new project type

To create a new project type, click the respective link in the top right corner.

Create a new projec type

You will then be able to the following:

  1. Project type name
  2. Set if this type allows association. This option allows creating reporting relations between different project types and consequently creating project-overarching timeline reports.
  3. Select the reported project statuses. If a project was assigned to a specific project type and then a project relation was created to another project, a status can be selected to illustrate the reporting status between the projects.

Specify a new project

Edit or remove a project type

To edit an existing project type click on the name (1). To remove a project type click on the delete icon (2) for the respective project type.

Edit or remove a project type