Manage Export Card formats

Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage export card formats you need to be a system admin.

You can configure the formats for the export story cards  under administration panel. To do that navigate to Administration and select Export card configs from the menu on the left side. You will see the list of all already defined export card configurations. If no format has been configured yet, the list will be empty.

Create a new export card config

To create a new export card config click the respective link in the top right corner.

Create a new config

You will then be able to the following:

  1. Export card config name.
  2. Export card config description.
  3. Number of tasks per page.
  4. Page size. Note: page size can be adjusted via YAML in “Rows”.
  5. Page orientation.
  6. Specify rows. Rows are formatted through YAML. Ideally you could you standard GitHub formatting.
  7. If you have questions about row formatting, click on the question sign icon and see the configuration examples.
  8. Click Create to save your changes.

Specify a new config

Edit, remove or de-activate an export card config

To edit an existing export card click on the name (1). To remove a story card format, click on the delete icon (2) for the respective project type. To de-activate a story card format, click the de-activate icon (3).

Edit, remove or deactivate a new config