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merry christmas openproject

Wishing you the best for Christmas and the New Year

We truly appreciate you. Thank you for being part of the OpenProject community.

In these turbulent times nothing could be more important than holding together, helping each other, supporting one another. Be more tolerant towards people who are different or think differently, be more inclusive, especially of people who are less fortune. Be more open-minded about new ideas and different approaches. As the world feels to be turning faster, how blessed we are to pause for a moment, being together with our families and friends for the holidays. Thinking back on this busy year. Being thankful.

Looking back on what we from OpenProject have achieved in 2018 makes us proud. Many new features have been developed, such as the conditional formatting of work packages, the intelligent workflows, the integration of the great CKEditor, a WYSIWYG-HTML-Editor for texts, the new calendar, a fresh and modern new design and logo, and many more big and small changes as you can read in our release notes. Also, we have received great contributions from the Community. Thank you for that!
Looking on what lies before us leaves us full of anticipation. Making OpenProject even better, a place to collaboratively work together from any location, and to get projects done successfully. Being free and open to support individuals, teams, organizations around the globe. We aim to build software that changes the world. With open source and open mind.

Luckily, in these days there are always people who are inspiring and who have a positive impact. Like 15-year old Greta Thunberg brought the point with her speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference: “You are never too small to make a difference“.

In this sense, thank you for being part of the OpenProject community.
We wish you peaceful holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,

Birthe Lindenthal
Head of OpenProject Foundation

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