Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition

Get Installation, Professional Support, Premium Features
and Security for your self hosted OpenProject.

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We deliver the confidence of a tested, supported and certified
open source enterprise-class project management software.

Installation and alerts

Let the OpenProject experts do the installation for you and rely on our fast and secure service.

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Professional support

Our professional support service engineers guarantee quick and friendly issue solving.

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Premium features

Enjoy the premium features which make your OpenProject even better.

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High security features

Our security features ensure a secure and enterprise-class business application.

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Installation support and security alerts for your
self-hosted OpenProject Enterprise Edition

Installation and security alerts

Installation support

Our professional installation support guarantees the optimal set-up for your self-hosted OpenProject Enterprise Edition. Experienced software engineers consult you in system requirements and give guidance with the complete installation process in your own infrastructure. We have deep knowledge in setting up enterprise-class applications in critical and high security environments.

Download the Enterprise installation service checklist to make sure your system is ready for the installation.
If you already have a Community Edition running, this can be upgraded very easily. We will guide you through the upgrade process.

  • Package installation (deb/RPM) and preparation of deployment automation
  • Set up ssl encryption (https)
  • Connection to database management system (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Installation and configuration of email server
  • Connection of data storage (e.g. NFS)
  • LDAP/AD connection
  • Integration to existing Single-Sign-On infrastructure

Security alerts

Security updates allow a fast fix of security issues in the system.
Relevant channels will be monitored regarding OpenProject security topics and the responsible contact person will be informed. Software packages for security fixes will be provided promtly.

  • Monitoring of OpenProject relevant security topics
  • Alerting of responsible contact person
  • Providing of software packages for updates
  • Automated testing

 Professional support

Professional support

Get reliable, high-touch support from senior support engineers with expert knowledge about running OpenProject in business-critical environments.

Our support engineers are highly-trained to diagnose and resolve issues in your environment. We find solutions for the most complex technical challenges you might be faced with.

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA
  • Priority development and escalation
  • Dedicated senior support team
  • Consulting and training for proactive issue prevention

Single Sign-On

With the single sign-on feature you can securely access OpenProject
without being asked to enter username and password again.

Attribute highlighting

Highlight the work package status, priority and finish date based on their values.
See right away which tasks require your attention.

Intelligent workflows with custom actions

Easily update several work package attributes at once with a single click on a button.
Use custom actions to structure your ordering processes, your development workflow and much more.

Full text search for work package attachments

Quickly find work package attachments based on their name or their content - using full text search.
Save time and effort - stress-free.

Configure work package forms

Configure the work package forms for the different types (e.g. tasks, bugs, features) to fit exactly your needs.
Freely add or change the attribute groups (headlines) for the work package forms and add custom fields.

Multi-select custom fields

With custom fields you can create your own custom attributes.
In many cases you may want to assign more than one custom value to a work package.
Multi-select custom fields allow you to set and filter for multiple values at once.

Relations in the work package list

When planning a release or finalizing features it is often helpful to get an overview of the different
relations and dependencies. Expand the work package column menu and display the relations.

Attribute help texts

Attribute help texts allow you to specify descriptions for any work package attribute (including custom fields).
Project members can display the description by simply clicking on the question mark shown next to the attribute.

Security features

Two-factor authentication

Two-Factor authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security feature of OpenProject that's designed to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your password. This method adds an additional level of security to your project organization.

Before logging into your OpenProject environment, you need to enter a second factor. This can either be a six digit text message sent to your cell phone or a token provided by an authentication app.

User sync

Sync users and groups from LDAP to OpenProject

OpenProject runs a worker to check OpenProject users against LDAP. This ensures that the user is still present in LDAP. So if a user is locked or deleted in LDAP the user gets automatically locked in OpenProject. This means that the user will not be able to login to OpenProject anymore. Additionally other users can not assign any work packages to the locked user.

The process will also update the following user attributes:

  • Name
  • E-Mail-Address

Group sync
A group sync process will run every hour to automatically update OpenProject group memberships based on LDAP group members.

Two-step confirmation

Two-step confirmation of new users

This features add an additional security layer on the user registration process. Users can get the permission to register new users in a dedicated user registration form. These new users now get the status registered. The user can not login until a second user with the permission "confirm user registration" has confirmed the registration.


OpenProject Enterprise Edition


Minimum 20 users

Powerful premium features, high security and professional support.


Per member per month.
Billed annually.
Fixed price for >= 200 members.

VAT may apply depending on the country where your company is registered.

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