Project system settings

To adapt the system project settings, navigate to Administration -> System settings -> Projects where you can configure the following options.

Settings for new projects

  1. Check if new projects are public by default. This means that users without an account can access the project without login.
  2. Select which modules should be activated for newly created projects by default.
  3. The role given to a user in a new project when the user creates a new project but is not an (global) admin. This makes sense when a user receives the permission to create a new project via global role. image-20211209165901453

Settings for the Projects Overview List

  1. Choose which columns should be visible in the Projects Overview List by default.
  2. Define the settings for the Gantt chart view displayed when clicking on “Open as Gantt view” in the Projects Overview List. You can choose filters, columns, sorting and more to configure the view. For more information on how the configuration works please refer to the instructions for the work package table configuration in the User guide (as the basic principles are the same).
  3. Do not forget to save your changes. image-20211209170238546