Language and display settings

You can configure display settings in OpenProject. Under System settings on the tab Display you can configure the following options.

Configure available languages

Choose the languages which you want to activate for your system. Those languages which you will check will appear in the language settings of the user profiles and can be set for the system. image-20211209162728606

At the moment there are more than 30 languages available.

Note: Many languages are translated by the Community. We highly appreciate if you want to help translating OpenProject to your language.

You can choose your language in your user profile.

Time and date formatting

Change time and date formats in OpenProject:

  1. Week starts on: Configure what date the week starts (e.g. in the calendar view). Default is Based on user's language. You can also choose to start a week always on Monday, Sunday or Saturdays. If you set Week starts on, you must also set the First week in year or will probably get inconsistencies in week numbering in calendars and the Gantt chart.
  2. First week in year contains: Select the day that needs to be contained in the first week of the year. This value is used together with Week starts on to determine the first week of the year.
  • For European ISO-8601 standard, set Week starts on to Monday and First week in year to Thursday.
  • For US and Canada, set Week starts on to Sunday and Day of Year to 6.
  • If you leave both on Based on user's language, the information provided by moment.js will be used: For more information, please also see this document from moment.js.
  • For more information on the way the first week of the year is computed according to ISO standards, see wikipedia
  1. Date format: default is based on user’s language. You can choose various formats to display dates in the system.
  2. Time format: default is based on user’s language. You can choose various formats to display time in the system.
  3. Users display format: default is [First name] [Last name]. You can change to various different formats.
  4. Do not forget to save your changes.image-20211209163420270

Info: Configuration options related to aggregation time (the time interval in which different user activities are displayed as one set of actions) have been moved to the Incoming and Outgoing section.