OpenProject 8.2

OpenProject 8.2 includes several improvements, such as a modernized calendar as well as many usability improvements.

Users of the Cloud Edition and Enterprise Edition can change work packages to a read-only mode to avoid unwanted changes. Additionally, embedded work package now also support relations.

Modernized calendar view

The existing calendar view has been replaced with a new, modern calendar view with OpenProject 8.2. This affects all existing calendar views (e.g. in a project, on the My page).

Usability improvements

OpenProject 8.2 includes many usability improvements which make OpenProject easier and smoother to use. Some examples of usability improvements include:

  • Create a version from the roadmap and backlog page.
  • Change a work package parent directly from the breadcrumb.
  • A “Related to” relation is created automatically when copying a work package.
  • The OpenProject search searches the current project and subprojects by default.

Read-only mode for work packages (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

Users of the Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition can define read-only work package statuses. When you change a work package’s status to a read-only status, the work package can no longer be modified. This allows you to avoid users to e.g. make changes to a work package once it has been approved.

Embedded work packages with other relation types (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

With OpenProject 8.2 the embed work package capability introduced with OpenProject 8 is extended to be used with other relation types besides hierarchical relationships.

Technical improvements and bug fixes

The OpenProject API now allows you to update times in OpenProject (#29003) and delete time entries (#29029), OpenProject 8.2 contains a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

For an overview, please take a look at the list of bug fixes.