Notification settings

To access the in-app notification settings. Please left-click the Notification settings button in the upper right side of the notification center or navigate via My account > Notification settings.


In the Notification settings you can fine-tune what you are notified about:

  • I am @mentioned: You can switch notification on/off when somebody tags you in a comment (i.e. @YOU)
  • Assigned to me or accountable: You can switch notification on/off when you are either assigned or made accountable for a task, for example.
  • Also notify me for: Here you can further finetune under what circumstances you would like to be notified, or not:
    • Updates on watched items:
    • New work packages
    • All status changes
    • All date changes
    • All priority changes
    • All new comments

When someone mentions you (@xxx) in e.g. a work package description or comment you will receive an in-app notification.

Additionally, you can also add project specific notification settings by clicking on the link Add settings for project.

By default you do not receive any notifications about your own changes. In addition to the in-app notifications, you will also get a once-a-day summary of all notifications as Email reminders.